Yes sireee, here it is, the loftiest loo in the UK, here at the Cairngorm Mountain ski base station near Aviemore in the Cairngorms.

At an altitude of over 700M or about 2,500 ft, this is an ultra dapper bog of high standards in hygene, taste and luxury. Almost worth the trip to NE Scotland in itself, we have here tremendous five star attention to detail and utility.

Housed within a fortress-like granite block construction from the 90s that will stand forever.

Base Station block

The entrance hall to M & F loos takes one past a mini exhibition precis'ing the Highland clearances and area geology.en -trance

Upon entry one is almost overwhelmed by the difference this area of toilet glamour makes over the standard run down spartan-ness of it's lowly rivals eleswhere on the UK mainland. This toilet blows the bog spotter's mind and exceeds all convenience expectations. Obviously the recepient of some mega Euro grant at some stage.
The not-too garish bright interior is lavished with two rows of ultra mod wash hand basins

. . .and the three cublicles spotless in white breeze block-exposed splendour replete with German-like clinical engineering of the fixtures, fittings and colour-schemed laminates comprising the doors and side panels. The cubicle partitions are part-overlayed with drill-proof steel sheeting which in any case seems uncalled for as there are no visible attempts at vandalism or graffiti. Cleaning routines are frequent and thorough. A toilet close to heaven this, in both regards.

... . a joy to behold, this lovely Scottish loo receives the five star Bog Blog award. On one wall, by the immaculate hand dryers ( which are an artform in themselves )

... . .we have a neatly framed zoomed-in pic of the funicular which transports tourists, hillwalkers and sightseers right up to the Ptarmigan restaurant which is within 300 ft of the very top of the mighty Cairngorm mountain itself, which is well over 4000ft or 1200M.

The parade of 7 sparkly shiny disinfected urinals would not look out of place in a Shanks showroom and are bang up-to-date with sturdy privacy partions inbetween.parade of distinction

Attention to detail and those all-important touches such as space-age lighting grills and Bauhaus-like design of the moulded loo roll holders make one want to linger here, sure in the knowledge that, should you be alone at your sit or stand, you are the highest person discharging their constitutional in the whole of the UK.good enough to take home

Cairngorm Mountain base station is, however, only quiet before 10am, before the tourist coaches come grinding up the hill from Glenmore and Aviemore and also on a cloudy day ( of which there are plenty plenty way up here ). On a sunny afternoon, with the clouds off the tops, the place is swarming with various nationalities of Euro folk taking a leak etc before they zoom up to the Ptarmigan to take their High Teas above the tree line.

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